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I'll be speaking at #SQLSAT275 in Copenhagen

Just recieved an email from Régis Bacarro (Twitter | Blog) who is the organizer of SQLSaturdays in Denmark. He informed me that my session on Master Data Service Automation had been chosen for the SQL Saturday 275 event, 29th of March 2014. Needless to say that i'm thrilled to be given t... [More]

Microsoft Exam 70-460 Passed

Yeah, as of December 20th 2013 I've been able to call my self MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert) It took a little longer than expected, but better late than never.  

MDS 2012 - Recreate subscriptionviews

In Master Data Services 2012 (MDS) we have the possibility to create an subscription view of the data in our MDS lists. This gives users, applications access to Master Data (MD) through a view, and therefore we have full control over MD, as the user or application is unable to update the MD in the v... [More]

MDS 2012 - Change Attribute order with SQL

If you need to change the order of attributes in an MDS entity, there is the correct way to do it, and then there is the easy way to do it ;o) First the correct way: Locate your Entity i MDS System Administration, select the Entity and Edit the Entity Now select the attribute that needs another s... [More]

Microsoft Exam 70-457/58 Passed

Amidst all the talk about the death of MCM certification from Microsoft, i've  been reading and catching up on my SQL 2012 knowledge. So that I could transition my current MCITP 2008 Business Intelligence to SQL server 2012 MCSE, I took the 70-457 exam last friday and passed with well over ... [More]

Minor bug in Data Explorer for Excel

Had a strange experience today. Was using Excel 2013 and Data Explorer to do some exploration of data for our Client, but no matter what I did, I got the same error from the Add-in. I was trying to get data from their SQL database an into Excel, but every time I tried Excel returned the following Er... [More]

Campus Days 2013 - My abstract did not make the cut ;(

Unfortunately none of my abstracts for Campus Days 2013 were selected, so i'll just hang in there and submit some more next year. The speakers selected this year is quite a bunch, there are some of the best people in the business speaking about almost every aspect of BI and SQL. 2 of my coll... [More]

One danish municipality is setting their data free

As a followup on my post about spatial data, I just learned that one of the Danish municipalities is setting their data free. They have actually made a whole site for the datasets, here they explain the data, and what they can be used for and the best : data is available in just about any flavour. ... [More]

SQL Server 2014 CTP1 ready to download

The day has arrived, during the night Microsoft have released SQL Server 2014 CTP1 for the community. My guess it that the server will be on heavy load during the next 12-24 hours ;o) You'll find the server at this link so head o... [More]

Spatial data, where can I download it

Spatial data, where is it? Today I was working on some reports for a client, where shipments should be visualized on a worldmap. That is an easy task, as the data is already in a functional cube, så I just had to define a few datasets, and I was flying. Then I had to get some spatial data to... [More]